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trail along the cliffs

En route on a trail along the cliffs.


... the abyss to the right of the previous picture. !


Towards Hrollaugsvík

Bjarnanes Peninsula

Bjarnanes Peninsula, with his campground

The fording on Hrollaugsvíkurá

The fording on Hrollaugsvíkurá.




On the heights of Látravík, still immersed in fog.In a distance, first views on the Hornbjarg.


Small zoom on the famous cliffs !Absolutely gigantic !

Hestur mountain

A great place to camp ! Too bad it's still early ...
On the left , Hestur mountain and on the right Dögunarfell

Kýrskarð moutain pass

On the way to the Kýrskarð moutain pass (on the right in the picture)


Hornvík as seen from from the mountain pass.

The ford on Hafnarós

The ford on Hafnarós

Höfn campsite.

The campground in Höfn, one of the biggest in Hornstrandir with Hesteyri.
In a distance, the famous U-shaped valleys of Hornsbarn. From left to right: Ystidalur , Miðdalur and Innstidalur.

Arctic fox

An Arctic fox on the campsite.A corner has been specially designed for them in midfield (where there is a large pile of driftwood ).
Foxes are not shy at all.

Höfn campsite


Day 4 : Höfn - Hlöðuvik

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